Hire Private Driver Bali to Mount Agung

Mount Agung (Gunung Agung) is an active volcano located in Karangasem, Bali. As we know, mount Agung erupts now. Do you want to hire private driver Bali? Bali Driver Five is the answer. Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali, it is the highest point in Bali as well. From the peak of this mount, we can see the mount Rinjani that located on Lombok Island. Balinese believe that Mount Agung is the replica of Mount Meru, which is central to the universe. On the slopes of Mount Agung, there is a temple that greatly respected by Balinese, that is Besakih temple. Once a year, on the tenth full month Hindus people from all over Bali will come to the Besakih for pray to their God.

But today, we can’t come to the Besakih since mount Agung erupts from last month (November). Bali is still safe to visit, some tourist thinks that Bali is unsafe to visit but it is wrong. Here in Bali, all the activities are still normal, we can even watch the mount Agung eruptions. You need to hire private driver Bali to help you find the best and safe place watch the mount Agung.

Watch Mount Agung Eruption

We said that you can watch the mount Agung eruption, but safety is the important thing for us. We will suggest some location for you to watch the mount Agung eruption safely.

Pinggan Village

Located in the northern of Kintamani. Some people come to Pinggan village to see a beautiful sunrise with a mountain view. From here we can see the mount Batur and mount Agung eruption as well.

Mount Agung - Hire Private Driver Bali | Bali Driver Five
Image Credit: awansetiawan_

Lempuyang Temple

This place is one of the closer safety areas to watch the mount Agung eruptions. This temple is one of the oldest temples in Bali. Beside Besakih temple, Lempuyang temple is the most highly regarded temple in Bali. This place is one of the most favorite places to visit in Bali. To get the highest point we need to steep staircase of over 1.700 steps. From the highest point of this temple, we can see the mount Agung peak clearly. When it erupts we can see how beautiful the Agung mountain with his volcanic ash that coming out from itself.

Mount Agung - Hire Private Driver Bali | Bali Driver Five
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