Mas Village

Mas Village is the destination that you must visit with your Bali private driver. Mas Village is located in the center of a tourist destination and it easy to get there from anywhere, it is located 6 km south of Ubud. For example, from Denpasar, you just need to travel 15 km to get in there. The initial benchmark to entering Mas Village is Sakah Junction, there you can see a giant baby statue. This statue is a symbol of the early stages of starting life. When you are looking for private car hire with driver Bali, Bali Diver Five is the answer.

Private Car Hire With Driver Bali - Mas Village | Bali Driver Five

What is the special?

Mas Village is famous for its wood carving. In Bali, there are many places that sell and produces wooden statues, but Mas Village is different. Mas Village has been identified as an art place that is focusing on wooden sculpture. The most famous wood carvers from Mas Village are Ida Bagus Nyana and Ida Bagus Tilem. Mas people isn’t just a wood carver, they are a farmer as well.

How to get there?

Since Mas Village are located in the center of the tourist destination, isn’t hard to get there. It is located in Gianyar and of course, you can only use a landline. From Ngurah Rai Airport it takes 55 minutes to get there, you can use the toll road to avoid the traffic jam in Kuta area. From Sanur, it takes 38 minutes to get in Mas Village. Is not hard to visiting Mas Village, since the location is in the center of famous destination you can visit another place around Mas Village. Do a private tour is better for you to know the history of Mas Village. Looking for private car hire with driver Bali? Bali driver Five is your answer.

Who can drive you to there?

A good destination should combine with a right Bali private driver to makes your holiday perfect. Bali Driver five is professional Bali driver that you can hire to drive you to Mas Village. We are local and we know well about Mas Village. We are experienced, so we know the shortest route to get there if there any unexpected things happen we know how to drive you to there in time. When you need private car hire with driver Bali, don’t worry just call us and we will drive you surround Bali.